Do you
try your luck
for what
you really

Are you trying
your luck
for what
you really



  • Living by a warm, sunny lake a few months a year?


  • Achieving your knitting, writing, sewing, traveling and ice cream tasting goals! ✅🍦


  • Buying your own family size home with a backyard garden?


  • Spending time in leafy nature AND in cosmopolitan cities, where there is always something to do? 🍸


  • Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida and drinking butter beer all day? 🍺

Aaaaahhhhh ... 😌

... But the little hamster in your head starts to:


  • imagine terrifying scenarios about money and the future?
  • tell you that you will never have enough money to enjoy life and buy what you want?
  • be afraid of the projects you dream of because they are big, expensive and get you out of your comfort zone?


I understand. The hamster in your head keeps running away from the things you want and that's okay. He's afraid of:


  • what people will think
  • financial discomfort
  • and failure


But you know what?


To no longer be afraid and go towards what you want, you must understand that you're always going to be afraid of what you want.


I know, quite a paradox, right?


Stay with me, it's logical, I swear to you! 😂


These dreams are things you care about. This is why you're afraid:

  • that it won't work
  • people will judge you
  • to lose all your money getting there...


But look.


It won't work if you don't try!


And if you try... who cares what people think, if you have what you want!


And the money, well... you have a job, right? And maybe other resources on the side?


What you want is the best place to save money.


There's always more where it comes from. Keep in mind that your ability to make money can only improve over time.


And again... if you don't spend the money, you don't try.


So it won't work…


Instead of continuing to hesitate, join me in

⋆Toujours Prête⋆

How to know what you want and always be ready to do what it takes to get it



Ready for Anything 💪 is an online course to develop your ability to always go for your dreams.

Even if they seem impossible.



At your own pace, we'll see how to:

💫 get over your fears

💫 see your physique differently (and always be ready to go swim naked!)

💫 have more fun and less worries

💫 take better care of yourself and take the stress out of your life


The training contains 4 modules:


The Module on Fear includes:

  • determine what you want
  • make a decision when you are influenced by fear
  • The 3 categories of fear
  • manage different types of fear and run towards your dreams


The Module on Appearance includes:

  • my scouting thing to always be ready!
  • appreciate your beauty in all its forms
  • how to use affirmations and why it works
  • a wild solution to give you the attention you deserve


The module on Fun includes:

  • how "too much fun" can be the answer to all your problems
  • questions to ask yourself to make changes in your life (and have more fun!)
  • inspiration for junk food buffets! 🍕🍔🍿🍪


The module on Well-being includes:

  • why avoid perfectionism at all costs
  • avoid the things that make you unhappy
  • do important tasks before urgent tasks
  • do one thing at a time to save you time and your sanity!


These 4 modules are just the tip of the iceberg ...

Join in the next 3 days and get:


☂️  50% off the LONG version of the course...


In the long version, you'll discover:



  • "Writing your journal: why it's the 1st step towards your dream life"


  • Your relationship with money and how to improve it drastically so you can buy whatever you want


  • A ✨ Powerplay Bonus ✨ in each of the modules. Answer powerful questions that will make all the difference...


  • Lifetime access to new bonuses and updates


  • And Special bonuses inspired by the Fun Module (aka dance parties!) Because I love dancing to Lady Gaga or Queen and I want to share this with you! 💃



Questions? Write to [email protected] 😘

Toujours Prête - Cours en ligne

You have direct access to


Join me in my online course to stop being afraid.


Get all the information you need. AND the support and resources that will guarantee you'll have everything you want!

If you buy the long version within the next 3 days, you get ⤵︎


Access to the Facebook group and the Ready for Anything Community

It's the best way to ask questions to me (and your new badass friends!💪), and it never ends! You have lifetime access to all of Ready for Anything content, as well as to the Facebook group.


And my Gilmore Girls Lifestyle Package ☂️

Several inspirations for Ready for Anything came from my favorite show, Gilmore Girls. Everything you need to live like a Gilmore is in this package. Copper boom!




Toujours Prête

Why this huge discount?


Because the ideas inside the course can change lives. And I want Ready for Anything to benefit as many people as possible!

Through years of researching what I wanted, I learned what it takes to live in harmony with myself.

I used everything in this course and now I do exactly what I want in my life.

I create online courses and help people all over the world, in my pajamas, sitting at home with a Dark & Stormy! 😂🥃🍋

With Ready for Anything in your pocket, you'll finally take the risk of investing in your DREAM TRIP TO GREECE…


And buy that ROSE GOLD COMPUTER that's been bothering you for a long time…


And organize your skydiving jump...


And LEAVE YOUR JOB for something you love, even if the salary is lower…


You'll have the courage to do what you dream of doing for yourself. AND the people you love.

Because when you shine, you share the light with the people around you and with the planet in general.

And that's 50 points for Gryffindor! 🦁


Join me inside... 😏

No reason to hesitate


If you're not satisfied within the first 20 days, I give you your money back! As simple as that!


It's satisfaction guaranteed or money back! Don't hesitate any longer!

Toujours Prête - Cours en ligne

Have you always dreamed of a little something more?

You don't need the whole world to see it, but to know it's there...

You still think this life exists, but you've lost hope of figuring out how... Do you miss having the flame, believing as hard as possible...

I can show you how I went from no more hope to my dream life. To my pink glasses. To this life I believed impossible, 2 years ago.

Learn to trust yourself, to know you're going to…

  • have your dream home
  • dance on stage for a large theater company
  • understand your own voice and be creative everyday
  • make your road trip in the States
  • try scuba diving the next time you get the chance
  • always be ready for anything!

Learn to say YES to the things you want.

This course is for you if ...


You're ready to work for what you want (don't worry, my way of working is Fun and easy!)

You want to be more courageous and daring. You want to learn to take risks.

You want a bigger and better life and you don't know how to get there.



This course is NOT for you if ...


You want a quick and easy solution to your emotional blocks. You're not ready to devote time and dedication to it.

You make fun of personal development and you think it never works.

You want to stay where you are. You don't mind lacking productivity and not dreaming big. You think you deserve no better and that you should be thankful for what you have.

Ready for Anything is an investment in your wildest dreams.

It's an online training where you'll learn to:

  • face your fears,
  • gain confidence in yourself,
  • have more Fun,
  • and define your personal needs.

In an environment where everyone respects each other, you'll exceed your own limits.

You're going to come out of the experience more ready than ever to get everything on your bucket list, and even more!

Toujours Prête

Frequently asked questions:


Question #1:

When does the course start and end?

A: It starts when you want and ends when you want! You have access to the platform and all the content, the minute you complete the registration steps. You can do it entirely at your own pace because you have access to the course for the rest of your life. From time to time, new content will be added and you'll always have access to it.

When I plan on doing a live session live you'll be notified in advance.



Question #2:

How long will I have access to the course?

A: Forever! 😎 After registering, you have unlimited access to the course as long as the internet exists. Through all your devices!



Question #3:

What if I don't like the course?

A: I don't want you to be unhappy! If you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 20 days and I'll refund your full payment.

All you need to do is say: Accio Refund! ⚡️🧙‍♂️


Question #4:

I'm not sure I have time for a course right now. How long will it take me to complete Ready for Anyting?

A: We all have demanding and busy lives. This is why I divided the training into 4 modules, which are also divided into different lessons. It will help you progress at your own pace.

You can do the lessons one by one while having breakfast in the morning... OR spend a few hours here and there to get as far as possible. Whatever suits you best!

In fact, it may not be a bad idea to binge-watch something other than Netflix for once - something that will make you evolve and bring you to the person you want to be.

Also, you can not be late in Ready for Anything. You have the content for life and I want you to feel good and learn at your own pace.


Question #5:

What exactly do I get with this course?

A: Very good question. Here's what you'll receive:

(1) As soon as you buy, you'll receive immediate access (via a username and password) to the platform.

(2) You'll receive online trainingincluding: 

  • the 4 modules: Fear, Appearance, Fun and Well-Being,
  • videos and their transcripts,
  • a notebook associated with each module,
  • writing exercises,
  • the opportunity to ask me all your questions,
  • several bonuses!
  • lifetime VIP access to all my content and discounts for my other courses,
  • and, in the case of this special offer, these 3 bonuses:
        • 50% off

        • Access to the Facebook group and the Ready for Anything community

        • And my Gilmore Girls Lifestyle Package (in english only)


(3) The course is structured like any course. Each section complements the previous one in a logical and easy to understand way.

If you have any questions, I'll always be there to answer them.

I want to specify that there are no stupid questions ❤️ Don't hesitate, I'm here for that.



Question #6:

Can I afford it?

A: I'm 100% certain that you are. I have this mentality around money that there is always more than we think.

Investing in yourself is a message you send to the universe, telling it that you deserve to get this money back quickly.

The strategies in Ready for Anything will help you know what you want, and focus on what's important. If you apply them, you'll realize that it's much easier to save money when you know where you're going.

So I would rather ask the question: Can you afford to miss this offer?




This training will bring you closer to your goals.


Questions? Don't hesitate: [email protected], or DM me on Instagram.


And don't forget: there's nothing more boring than being sad, it's one of the laws of physics!


I can't wait to see you inside 🤗. You're invited!


Lots of love! 💋




You have direct access to


Join me in my online course to stop being afraid.


Get all the information you need. AND the support and resources that will guarantee you'll have everything you want!

It'll be fun, it'll be a thrill

Something stupid

Something bad for you

Just something different

Isn't this the point of being young?

People can live 100 years without really living for one minute

You climb up here with me it's one less minute you haven't lived



-Logan Huntzberger




(In Omnia Paratus)