Techniques de Lavage Écolo




Ton guide complet sur les pratiques de lavage écolo

Your Complete Guide to Green Washing Practices

Ton Guide Complet pour te Débarrasser des Taches

Your Complete Guide to Getting Rid of Stains



Your Complete Guide To Green Washing Practices contains 27 pages of practical tips for the laundry room in general. We see:

  • the harmful effects of the dryer and what to do instead,
  • the language of clothing maintenance,
  • tools for amassing microfibers,
  • the benefits of vinegar,
  • how to wash by hand,
  • and more!


Your Complete Guide To Getting Rid Of Stains contains 16 pages of solutions for all types of stains (red wine, lawn, coffee, etc.), as well as:

  • how to build your stain remover kit,
  • tips and tricks against stains in general,
  • the benefits of vinegar, 
  • and a practical table of contents to act quickly when a damage occurs!


These digital books can be carried anywhere using your phone. So you're always going to have to carry the right thing you need to remove a stain as soon as possible. In addition, everything is classified in a logical, practical and efficient manner.


The best part of it is that your wallet will be delighted!


Yep, reducing the ecological footprint of your own clothes and washing habits will save you money. You will learn to wash less, wash in cold water effectively, wash by hand, save on household products, etc. 


It's a 2 for 1 basically! 


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The planet thanks you. 😘💙🌿


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