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You want to have a beautiful style without harming

the environment?



Do you recognize yourself in the following sentences?



“I always wear the same 4 kits. "

And you would like to know how to make it different.


“I want to reduce my consumption of clothes. "

You understand that buying clothes again and again to satisfy fleeting desires, it's time out!


"I don't always know how to arrange my clothes. "

You lack certain notions so that your style is to your taste and stylish.


“I want to reduce my ecological footprint. "

You believe in a healthier, healthier world, with less plastic in the ocean ...






If you recognize yourself in these sentences, you're going to feel like old slippers in my class.


It's your shortcut to looks that are totally you, that bring you compliments and that will improve the lot of our beautiful planet.




👩‍💻 Zero Waste Style is a online formation of green styling. Once inside, the course is yours for life.


📚 You will receive stylistic education there that you always wanted and that we forgot to show you... You will learn simple tricks to have a stylish look and feel confident and authentic. While considerably reducing the ecological impact of your wardrobe!


💸 You're going to save a ton of money.


💃 And you're going to learn to reflect your personality and values in your look! It is the practical guide to the fabulous girl who cares about the environment and the well-being of other humans.




Kill two birds with one stone:


Learn what you've never been taught on how to dress and Safe

the planet at the same time! Here is what awaits you in the course:


EDUCATION: 4 modules: Styling, Maintenance, Repair and Modify


THE ORGANIZATION: Each lesson complements the previous one
understandable and logical way


THE ACTION: An exercise and / or a quiz after each lesson to
apply what you have learned


EXPERTISE: Ask me your questions about the outfits that you elaborate and
revisit the answers when you want


THE COMMUNITY: If you want to connect with others students,
it's a safe environment to share. And if
you're more discreet, I
builds the course for
that you can also stay
in privacy if that's what you want.






Cours en ligne Style Zéro-Déchet

Cours en ligne Style Zéro-Déchet

Cours en ligne Style Zéro-Déchet

Cours en ligne Style Zéro-Déchet






Did you know that the average North American woman spends between 1,500 and 2,000$ on clothing per year?

You can spend a portion of this amount to learn today to be more educated about your look and how to wear the clothes you already have.

Which leads directly to spending less and saving time (and time is money!).





There is evidence that we only wear 30% clothes in our wardrobe ... If you reinvest in the other 70% by registering for the course, I can show you how to wear them all, or make them look youthful, or modify them, or repair them ...


Imagine the amount of items that you simply FORGOT, which perish in your wardrobe. I think you bought them for a reason and I want us to discover this reason together and to honor the people who made the pieces by wearing them proudly 😎


After going around the course, you will know how:


  • quickly create outfits that represent you
  • maintain, repair and transform your entire wardrobe,
  • reduce your consumption of clothes,
  • explain by undeniable environmental facts why you stopped buying clothes,

What they say ...


“I loved the session, it's definitely good to have someone who guides me to free me from certain repetitive style rules I had.

I can't wait to try my new looks! "


-Arleta Blackley-Wiertelak, Scotland

Styliste écolo

"I lack confidence in my ability to be creative and lhis course helped me to make sure in my clothing choices."

-Catherine Pigeon, Quebec


"I appreciate your good mood, your non-judgment and your way of thinking about not having to buy. I feel safer now when it comes to creating outfits. THANK YOU!! "

-Cynthia Tremblay, Quebec


" What I learned during this session still serves me every day!

VSis one of the best investments I have made on myself, I have the compliments every day to prove it!"


-Anick Globensky-Bromow, Quebec


“I found the content very relevant: I discovered a lot, including how to create kits, and I liked taking my clothes out of their closet to do it. I found this pleasure that I had to shop ... But at home!

I fell back into adolescence with your class and I spent beautiful evenings taking care of myself and revaluing pieces that I no longer wore. I recommend 110% !!! ”


-Lydia Blouin, Quebec

No reason to hesitate


If you are not satisfied within the first 20 days, I give you your money back! As simple as that!


It's satisfaction guaranteed or money back! Don't hesitate any longer!





OH! I didn't show up ...

Obtenir un financement pour démarrer mon entreprise

My name is Ariane,

I am a stylist and entrepreneur, passionate about fashion and worried about the environment.

Native of Abitibi and with a diploma in Fashion Marketing in hand, I started with nothing but a laptop and my indestructible conviction that this industry cannot continue to destroy the planet as it does now .

Through my fashion blog, my online styling class and my Facebook group, I help people like you create your dream style, save money and the planet at the same time.





Style Zero-Waste contains the knowledge and experience of:


💫 5 years creating outfits in a large fashion store,

To my small, but growing, fashion design company,

💫 a diploma in Fashion Marketing,

💫 quantity of books, podcasts and documentaries on ethical fashion and the challenges of the fashion industry,

💫 an online course on the foundations of sustainability linked to the textile industry,

💫 the creation of Use What You Have, my facebook group,

💫 and 13 years of interest in fashion, people-watching, Vogue reading and detailed analysis of Carrie Bradshaw's look!


The information I share in the course comes to me from countless hours of research, studies, doubts, re-evaluation of my values regarding fashion and the environment, numerous outfitting sessions, questioning and hard work creating and dressing models (these things are heavy)!


What is the best part?


I suggest you avoid all that, especially doubts and questioning.


Not only will it become easy to get dressed, but it will also cost you peanuts in the future.


In a few weeks, your entire perspective on fashion and its industry will change and the inconveniences that come with the choices of clothing that we must make every day will disappear.


Frequently asked questions:


Question #1:
When does the course start and end?

A: The live period of the course is now over. But you still have access to the curriculum and all the content. Tu can do it entirely at your own pace because you have access to the course for the rest of your life. Also, new content will be added periodically and you will have forever access to new things.

You will also be notified in advance when a live session is being prepared.


Question #2:
How long will I have access to the course for?

A: Forever! 😎 After registering, you have unlimited access to the course as long as the internet exists, across all your devices!


Question #3:
What if I don't like the course?

A: I especially don't want you to be unhappy! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 20 days and I will refund your full payment.


Question #4:
I'm not sure I have time for a lesson right now. How long will it take me to become better at zero waste styling?

A: We all have demanding and busy lives. This is why I divided the training into 4 modules, which are also divided into different lessons. It will help you progress at your own pace.

You can do the lessons one by one while having breakfast in the morning or spend a few hours here and there to get as far as possible. What suits you best! In fact, it may not be a bad idea to binge-watch something other than Netflix for once - something that will really make you evolve and bring you to the person you really want to be.

Also, you can't be late in Zero-Waste Style. You have the content for life and I want you to feel good and learn at your own pace.


Question #5:
What exactly do I get with this course?

A: Very good question. Here is what you will receive:

(1) As soon as you buy, you will receive immediate access (via a username and password) to the Style Zero-Waste curriculum.

(2) You will receive online training including:

  • the 4 modules: Styling, Maintenance, Repair and Modify,
  • videos and their transcripts,
  • quizzes,
  • styling exercises,
  • the opportunity to ask me all your questions,
  • and lifetime VIP access to all my content and discounts for my future classes! 

(3) The course is structured like any course. Each section complements the previous one in a logical and easy to understand manner. If you have any questions, I will always be there to answer them and I want to specify that there are no stupid questions. ❤️ Don't hesitate, I'm here for that.


Question #6:
Can I afford it?

A: I am 100% certain that it is. I have this mentality around money that there is always more than we think and that investing in yourself is a message that you send to the universe, telling it that you deserve to receive this money quickly.

Anyway, the strategies in Zero Waste Style are there not only to give you a FIRE style 🔥, but also to save you money on new clothes. If you apply the lessons learned in the course, it will rather SAVE you faster than you think.

So I would rather ask the question: Can you afford to MISS this opportunity?


The main problem is overconsumption.


It's the fact that we still produce so much. It is the denial of the fact that humans could probably live 100 years, very well dressed, even if all clothing production were stopped immediately.


There would have to be an adjustment, of course. And that is my area of genius.


I am personally adjusted.


I went from shopaholic behavior buying many designer clothes with several credit cards to the girl talking to you right now to stop all clothing production for the next 100 years.


I don't buy clothes anymore. And I like my style. They give me clothes sometimes and I take them. For fun, and also for not that they too find themselves abandoned in a Renaissance.


I love my style and I am satisfied with my wardrobe and the choice there. I have developed a working system that allows me to never feel like shopping again.


I want to share it with you.


My system is not only practical on a daily basis and to save money, it also represents a healthier way of living.


Shopping and materialism are not only found in the fashion world. And you will see that they will all dissipate at the same time.

Comment porter la parka kaki

This course is perfect for you if you are ...


A shopaholic. You will leave my course without any desire to put all your money in clothes. You will avoid giving in to the temptation of fast-fashion.


A green. I teach you to recycle, reuse, wear your clothes differently and the planet will thank you!


A handyman. Little projects that you will understand right away to wear all your clothes and use everything you have.


If you find your wardrobe not very inspiring. You will come out of it grown up and impressed by the quantity of outfits that you had never thought of!

This course is NOT perfect for you if ...


you're happy to be a shopaholic and that is where you want to put all your money. If the environment is not your cause and you prefer to devote your time to something else, I respect that.


It is also not for you if you want to continue to take half an hour to choose your kit in the morning, doubt your outfit all day and regularly continue to fill donation bags full of clothes never worn ...


Also, don't sign up for this course if you're expecting an advanced sewing class. The purpose of this course is elsewhere. I strongly encourage you to perfect your sewing skills, they will be really useful for you to do zero-waste styling. Just know that this is NOT a sewing class.

Cours en ligne Style Zéro-Déchet



Style Zero-Waste will show you how!




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