Ariane Lariviere

My name is Ariane,


I'm a green stylist, Gilmore Girls fan and entrepreneur.


I'm here to help you get the look and lifestyle you want, while saving the planet! 🌷


Native of Abitibi and with a diploma in Fashion Marketing in hand, I started with nothing but a laptop and my indestructible conviction that this industry cannot continue to destroy the planet as it does now .

Through my fashion blog, my online styling lessons and my Facebook group Use what you have, I help people like you create your dream style, save money and save the planet at the same time.


Why did I start all this?


Because I have the same kind of passion for fashion as Carrie Bradshaw. It's the parades and magazine editorials that make me dream! It's history, it's magic, it's Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick 💕

And so, about 10 years ago, when the giants of fast fashion appeared, I saw there my chance to reproduce, according to the seasons, the ephemeral trends that we find on the catwalks, without "breaking the bank" »…


I became a real shopaholic filling my credit cards to the max and buying pieces that I was going to wear just once ... 🛍


However, I heard rumors. Voices on social networks, in the media, even in my fashion lessons, who said that all this was a beautiful illusion that hid real nightmares in this industry that is said to be the second most polluting in the world ... ☣️🔥


Voices that say that fashion, as it is right now, pollutes the planet and destroys lives.


And then there was the documentary The True Cost and everything became clear. There was no more possible denial, no more doubts. It was a point of no return.

At the time, I was still working in the fashion industry, in retail to be exact. For 5 years, I worked on the visual merchandising of an international fashion brand known to all. I saw the ups and especially the lows of the retail, but mostly I had the opportunity to notice the unreasonable amounts of goods being sent to the shops on a daily basis. It remains difficult to imagine on a global scale, even when we are in it… But it is definitely a problem.


I cried all the tears of my body while listening to The True Cost. I was part of the problem, not only because of my buying habits, but also because of my career choice… And the environmentalist in me couldn't continue to close my eyes. 😭


A great depression and a great feeling of helplessness ensued. Weeks and months of finding a solution, which even took years to come, allowed me to not only redefine my love / hate relationship with fashion, but also to learn a lot about human potential, personal development, spirituality and wisdom…


I took courses in all kinds of things, denying my love of beautiful clothes, because it was impossible to ignore the images of the collapse of Rana Plaza in my head.

I quit my fashion jobs several times, sometimes going back to the exact same place…

Indeed, fashion always comes back in my life, whether it is at the sight of a particularly attractive VOGUE or of a thousandth replay of Sex and The City. 💃


After this atypical journey, I am now convinced that I am taking the right direction in my career: a direction that leads me to take advantage of my passion for fashion, while harming the planet as little as possible and helping people like you to do the same 😍💪


I have also always loved writing, creating outfits and doing crafts. Creativity and simply the art of being a weirdo will always be true passions for me!


And for all of its reasons, it makes sense to me to blogger and create content for my online courses and allow hundreds and thousands of people to become, like me, zero-waste stylists! ♻️


Because the most ethical garment is the one that is already in your wardrobe.

-Orsola de Castro

Me faire photographier par un bloggeur de street style au festival de Cannes

From my studies in cinema at Cégep Saint-Laurent 🎥,

to my travels in Europe, Tunisia and Guatemala,

to my year in Vancouver,

when I graduated in fashion,

to my many questions ⁉️,

to a season as a flight attendant at Sunwing Airlines 👩‍✈️,

B-School adventure,

and at 5 years spent redesigning the Guess boutiques❓,

I am living proof that we must continue to search until we find - this reason so satisfying why we were put on earth.


I believe like everyone else that you have to be happy and comfortable in life, but I am all the more certain that it should not be at the expense of our first home: planet earth.


This is why I created this site, my online courses, my blog and my Facebook group. To show the world my lifestyle and to prove that it is possible to see life with pink glasses, to feel rich and to lack nothing without harming the planet.


You have within you all the resources you need to create everything you need!

I realize today that my tumultuous journey has helped me to refine this philosophy of using what we already have. It is a way of making decisions and a lifestyle that brings together notions of minimalism, humility, creativity, neuro-linguistic programming, authenticity, intuition, organization and sustainability.


The benefits of this way of thinking are greater than you imagine. It's not just to feel like a good person doing their part for the environment. It makes you feel light, beautiful, good about yourself. Not encumbered by anything. Completely free to do whatever you want to do. To go where we want and try what our heart tells us to try.


This philosophy has allowed me to realize several dreams already.

For example:

Through these and many other experiences, I continue to learn new things every day, open my mind, and broaden my vision of a lifetime. stylish AND meaningful.


I'm here to serve our beautiful planet and because I want you and me, we can continue to walk around and see beautiful things, and this, looking FABULOUS!

Through the free content on my blog, my paid online courses, and anything else I can offer, I'm here to make a difference. To help you build a look and a life that you really love! A life stylish that looks like you and allows you to achieve your dreams with ease.

Whether you're a fashion buff, interested in it from afar, or just here because you want to make a difference in your life, I'm here to help you reach your goals and make may your life be the most fabulous you have ever seen!

Yes, this is a business. I do sell stuff. And I am HYPER proud and grateful to be able to make a living this way. To show this recognition, the vast majority of my work is offered to you 100% for free (if you haven't already done so, take a look at the blog to find out all about this great free service).

I don't have all the answers and I'm not the wisest person in the world (not yet! 😉). I make thousands of mistakes and I sometimes break down in doubt and embarrassment, like everyone else.

But my intention is completely pure and focused on better humanity, more happiness and a planet and oceans that breathe well. So please don't expect me to be perfect and always well-dressed (because that's not my goal), but expect new ideas, noun references, big dreams exaggerated and lots of emojis! Also expect me to do everything in my power to keep you wearing pink glasses all the time! 😍

If you've read this far, my god, thank you very much! I hope that you will return to this site and that it becomes one of your happy place! 😃 Now that we are friends, I would like to learn more about you.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this and to visit my site. I think we will achieve great things together.

And don't forget: It's important to like your style, but style is not important!

Lots of love! 💋



PS Please watch The True Cost 🙏


PPS I have a full site dedicated to Gilmore Girls, if you're interested 🥰

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