"Fashion should never be
considered a

-Lucy Siegle



Your style, your beauty, your life 💕

When you invest in your future through my products and my content, you also create significant changes for the planet and our world. Because with every product you buy and every effort you put in to become better at zero-waste styling, you support the environment, ecosystems and even humans!

Not only because for the planet, every gesture counts, but also because you help me to continue my work, which is to convince as many people as possible that the material is wind and that's not where the happiness is.

So when you buy my products to please yourself or change your life a little, you also help change the world 😘🌍💕

Fashion Revolution is a movement born in 2013 after the collapse of Rana Plaza, this factory where we produced clothes for big brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Joe Fresh, Mango, Walmart and Zara, among others.


The working conditions, and obviously the condition of the building, were abysmal. Apparently, the employees had started to express their concern about the cracks in the walls a long time ago. Nobody did anything.

April 25, 2013. Two victims amid the rubble of a garment factory building collapse in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The collapse left more than 1,100 people dead and 2,500 injured. But no one should suffer for fashion.


I write these lines with tears in my eyes. It is appalling that our addiction to materials could have created such an event and so much suffering. In my opinion, it should have stopped drette there! The day after this atrocity, the brands concerned should have stopped all operations.


But no! They continued, they still make that much money. They have probably created a Sustainability and Social Responsibility Report since then. But it's just to look good ... and it's too late for all these people involved in Rana Plaza.


But we can do something 👇

You can participate in a lot of things to make things better, like swapping / swapping clothes, taking sewing or fashion design lessons or shopping in thrift stores.

I just want to reassure people that they don't have to spend a dime on fashion every month to be stylish and that this impression of "so outdated" things no longer exists. True style has never been that anyway.

-Katherine Ormerod

You can also take part in the year-round Fashion Revolution movement, but more particularly at Fashion Revolution Week.

It happens every year in April and you can participate from all these ways:


  • Make publications "Who Made My Clothes?"(I'll explain below 👇)
  • Write a love letter to your favorite garment
  • Send a Post card to a political leader
  • Create a video in which you show how you reuse your clothes in a thousand and one ways
  • Organize an event near you to involve MORE people!
  • Make a donation to Fashion Revolution and / or buy their magazine
  • and many more!


To make your participation in the Fashion Revolution easier, I created a PDF that explains the majority of the actions you can take to fight against the nasty fashion industry!

In this free PDF, I'll explain what publications “Who Made My Clothes?” are, I'll show you examples and I'll let you discover in detail the other small projects that can make a big difference 😍♻️

No one is free if others are oppressed.


-Unknown author